SUICIDE is not the answer.

Dear Girls,

Hating yourself for being in the state that you are in now? Don’t.

Feeling weak for not being able to control them tears? Don’t.

Forever guilty, for God-Knows-what? Stop.

Feeling like a loser? You are not one.

Strongly convinced that you ain’t gonna make it out of all this at all? There, there… you are going to be more than fine , real soon.

There’s more to life than this. A lot more.

What provoked me to write on “SUICIDE”?

Well, having heard of multiple incidences about a couple of young girls having committed a suicide, in a span of just one week, did the job!

Why would they even do that to themselves?!

Low scores, let’s commit Suicide! Abusive parents, suicide shall solve it! I was Misbehaved with, therefore I shall die! I fell in love with the wrong person, and so my life has come to an end and…..SUICIDE.

Such is the plight now.

Love they say, it hurts they say.

I tell you what?Honestly NO one in this world is worth your life. NO MAN either.

Love is beautiful, yes! Love is blind, alright! Love gives you butterflies in the tummy, okay. But how does it escalate oh so quickly to ” Love makes you die”, like LITERALLY! You gotta be kidding me!!

The guy you loved cheated on you? You saw him with someone else? Why take your life for that loser. After you, he will go for that other girl of his, with no hesitation. Instead, Walk straight up to him and give him a tight slap and show him the finger and get going. 
You will cry for a few days,weeks, months even. But you will get over him and come out of it stronger than you were ever before. 
Over the years, you, an independent, strong girl will find for yourself, a whole man who will stand by you through thick and thin and that day you won’t even remember the douchebag who once broke your heart.  And there, you were going to take your life for him!
It’s  surprising  right? How at every phase in life , a particular thing matters the most.
Once, your education. Once , your passion . Once your own self and once ,your love.
Nothing in this world is permanent.  It’s all temporary.  When such is the case, don’t you think it’s foolish to end your life because of the phase you are in, which in either ways is temporary? What might be important to you today, might not matter at all over a period of time. That’s life for you.
So you are this girl from a lower middle-class family, aspiring to become a doctor to make your family proud and give them a comfortable lifestyle and show them things they never thought they would see.
But, You got a low cut off  in your boards inspite of studying so hard? Daaaaamnn!
Disappointed your family and yourself? Doesn’t matter. Really. Trust me.
Atleast not as much as you having to end your life. After all, mark is but a number, but you decide to end your life . How lamer can you get?Really!
After your death, your family is left alone, to grieve and spend the rest of their lives in a poorer economic state than before. Quite the opposite of what you wanted them to see right?What’s the point?!
Instead, stay! Apologise to your family (who are not gonna blame you either ways.They love you). Apologise to yourself. Make up your mind. Set a target for the next exam. Look around for options. There are many careers beyond being a doctor right? Strive for your family.  Go places. Take them places. And one day, when you look back, your poor marks in your boards won’t matter even a tiny bit for you would have achieved the unthinkable. 
One other time, you are this happy little girl going to college or school or whatever whatever, with nothing to complain about in life. 
One fine day you are misbehaved with, by your relative or a family friend or family itself. They threaten to put up pictures of you on the Internet if you don’t stay shut about their shameful act.
You are scared stiff and cry yourself to sleep that night. You can’t go tell you mom or any other elders because he said he would leak your pictures. But he uses that as an opportunity to do that to you over and over again and you feel helpless and ruined and then what? Suicide!? Hell no! Don’t do that to yourself. Take it as a lesson and don’t trust anyone again. But please don’t kill yourself for no fault  of yours. You have a beautiful beautiful life ahead of you.
 Your death will shatter your family and have a huge impact on the lives of the  people who love you. And the person who abused you will feel safe and go about doing the same with other innocent girls.
Take a risk! Tell your mom or your most trustworthy friend. Let them confront the police if you are scared to do it. Either ways, bring it to light. File a case against that loser in life. Get him punished for the shameless act of his.
You will have nightmares of the incident, yes. But only till you decide to throw it away and step over it. After that it will be nothing to you, but a lesson learnt.
Come out of it strong and bold. As a girl who now knows to differentiate the good and the bad!
There will be other hardships. Many many of them. But nothing worth you taking your life. The fact that you are a girl should not stop you from living life just like everybody else.
And hey, nobody is going to get affected by your death as much as your own self would.
Your parents and dear ones would grieve and remember you at every other instance,undoubtedly .
But that is it.
YOU would be majorly losing out on life.
YOU would be losing out on all the things you wished to own when you grew up. On all the places you dreamt of visiting  when you excelled in your career. On the kind of life you wanted to live with your love. On your passion you wanted to turn into a career. On all the fun get togethers your friends would have.
On all the plans on travelling around the country, you had made with your bestfriends.
Everybody falls at one point or the other. But getting up and dusting your pants and moving ahead saying to yourself ‘ This too shall pass’ and ignoring the tiny little bruises which will remind you to not make the same mistake again, IS WHAT LIFE IS ALL ABOUT.
Life’s not about escapism. Stay and face whatever it is.
Don’t take your life for it is only an instant solution, and also a permanent one in that, that will be your last. THAT’S NOT HOW YOU DO IT. 
After all, YOLO.


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