20 days of Casper.

‘ Please please buy me a dog’ I had been begging since forever.

And the answer was always a NO. A sharp NO. ‘ you two are enough trouble already’ they would say, nodding in disagreement at us sisters.

So many fights, so many arguments, the result was always the same. ‘ NO DOGS’.
Schooling  passed , College days passed with me trying to make them ( my parents) understand that having a dog is not that big a challenge after all.
After graduation  I started working for a firm and I asked again if I could get a dog with my Salary. Trust me, that was an innocent  question  and it, in no way meant ‘ I have my money. I am independent.I shall do whatever I want.’ Well, that was how they took it and all hell broke loose.
‘ Get married and keep whatever you want, in your house’ they fumed. So I had to get married at 21, to keep a dog? Not happening.
Two months passed in the firm . In the third month, one day, the “unthinkable” happened.

The craving hit the fan. I WANTED A PUP. DOT. and a colleague there talked me into getting one that Very day.

After office I went straight  to this pet shop I knew of.  
Excitement was rushing through  every vein in my body. My curfew was 8 and it was 8.30 when I reached the store (Blame my Geographical skills. Had trouble figuring out the location).
The moment  I walked into the store, my phone started ringing. Call after call. Mom and dad. I knew I was gone for good. 

I took a deep breath in and walked into the store.

“I have  come for a labrador, like I told you earlier this noon’ I told the lady. She smiled and brought inside, a cage of 4 whitish brown labrador pups .
“They are all a month old, or less” the lady said.
I almost squealed in amusement. They were all so freaking adorable. 

She opened the gate of the  lil cage like thing, and all 4 came out squeaking. 
Two vanished below the chairs.
Two came running towards me.
I picked the 1st one up and it started squeaking. It was like, a baby and kept staring , not taking his eyes off me. The second one was tugging at my pant and I picked that up. That was equally adorable but hey the 1st one was going to be my baby.

I decided.
Casper was going to be his name. 
I got all his food and his teether ; caught an auto and headed home. My phone was continously ringing and I was freaking out, but seeing casper sleeping peacefully on my lap , threw away all the second thoughts. 
The nearer I got to my house, the more I wanted to turn back and run away. I got down the auto at the end of the road and walked towards my house, with my bag on one side, Casper on one side and his food bag too.

So basically, I would not be able to defend myself even if I were pelted with stones.
The phone kept ringing and I decided to ignore it one last time. I looked up towards my house and saw my mom and dad fuming.
DAMN. They had seen me choosing to ingore their call.
Casper was still asleep.
I looked up again and my mom was signalling me to turn back and go away. Such support. Much advise .
I climbed the stairs slowly, very slowly, all the time thinking of how I was going to convince  them.
I got into the gate and they said they wouldn’t let me inside the house.
Wonderful, I thought.  The entire  drama was going to take place in the portico, so much for the already inquisitive neighbours. 
My sister came outside to where we were and started jumping in excitement looking at the tiny soft bundle of joy in my hand. She hugged me and took him and kissed his forehead . We were all smiling until we both suddenly realised  our parents were still there.
Silence  again. Awkward silence. 
All 5 of us were there. Casper, the sister, the parents  and the shit-scared me. Everyone tensed, except the lil bundle which was peacefully sleeping.
“Go return it. Or you are not coming inside” my dad said, calmly but sternly. 
What do i do what do i do? Cry? Yes cry! In my defense.
I started wailing and arguing pointlessly, at the same time. ” I am going to have a baby some day and I wouldn’t know how to take care of it, will I? Let me keep Casper. I want to become responsible “. 
I thought I had given them a solid point to reconsider it but my sister’s facepalm proved me wrong.
“Who’s  Casper? And I am making it very clear…come in only if you give him back” my mom said, with folded hands and I knew that was it.
“Why are you being so mean? It’s just a pup!” My sister started for she probably knew  I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own.
There was a heated argument  for a whole 30 minutes , all in the portico.
In between Casper opened his eyes for a fraction of a second and dug his head into my sister’s lap againand fell asleep.
I saw my parents smile, why, it was so freaking adorable.

” Go give that poor little thing back right now” they shook their heads.
My phone started ringing,it was our neighbours from the floor below who probably heard our wailings and called up in concern

‘ Mom is not letting us keep the pup….she wants me to return it’ I complained, crying .
And the moment i said that i heard shouts and screams from below and the sound of footsteps rushing up the floor. One after one, 6 people came home and took casper in their arms  with all ‘oooooohhhhhs’ and ‘aaaaahs’ and ‘awwwwws’ .
‘ how can you say no to this?’ They questioned  mum.

Mom and dad both gave in and smiled brightly. 
‘It is going to be very difficult, given that it is just a month old and the owner is not going to allow this’ my mom said, worried.
The neighbours said they would say it was their gift to me, and that way the owner won’t have a say in this.
We all assured her we would manage. 
And that was how Casper came home.
He became family real soon and was this happy little foodie.
Sleepless nights, looking around for him under chairs, tying him to a chair with his blue collar when he used to be a bad doge, his potty cleaning, training him on how to be a good boy, lots of hugging, many many selfies, it was all BEAUTIFUL. 
Casper was going to be our little secret till he grew a little, we had decided. The owner had no clue.
19 beautiful  days of Casper passed, and then the 20th day came, where the you-know-who figured we had a pup and asked us to give him away the very same day. 
Devastating. Depressing. So not fair. Injustice. 
We tried talking and it was just futile. Mom and dad felt real bad for he had become the apple of our eyes real soon. Nobody wanted to give him away, me especially.  He was my baby. MY baby.
20 days of Casper came to an end.
He had to go. 
Not to a stranger’s hands though, but to a friend’s house. 

He  was going to be loved anywhere he went, for the cute little loyal thing that he was.
For months after he left we all still walked around the house very cautiously, carefull not to step on the lil bundle of joy, the way we had been when he was here.
He is still being missed.
You never bring in pups  if you are not going to be able to keep them , because yes, you will miss them, without doubt. But hey, they are going to miss you more when they have to leave.
Because they are DOGS and you are their everything.
So hey, you don’t bring in a pup without  your house owner’s approval. Sadly, That’s not how it works. THAT’S  NOT HOW YOU DO IT. 
This is Casper for you: 


21 thoughts on “20 days of Casper.

  1. It hurts not to have a dog and it kills to let them go.��I refused to have a dog when my 15 yr old doggy left us. Argued for a month and finally this one yr old huge labradane won our hearts and we adopted him from CUPA. And here he is home to break my heart again with his floppy yrs and drooly smile.��

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  2. It hurts not to have a dog and it kills to let them go.��I refused to have a dog when my 15 yr old doggy left us. Argued for a month and finally this one yr old huge labradane won our hearts and we adopted him from CUPA. And here he is home to break my heart again with his floppy yrs and drooly smile.��

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  3. Loved your article putti. You write beautifully. As for Casper, you know my feelings. It is going tobe five years this 30th November since he left us, I still miss him terribly. I wish you could have kept Casper.

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    1. Thank you so much ajji! Coming from you, it means a lot.
      And yes, I understand you miss Goofy. I miss Casper even though he was with us for only 20 days!Dogs are joyful creatures. Hard to forget! 😦


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