When you have your friends around you!

So this happened! A few days ago at work, I had to go collect a parcel from the Visitor’s parking! God knows why, I quickly  walked all the way to the place, alone! Never have I gone alone.

On the way back to my block I had to walk through this area between two blocks. Unfortunately, it was the lunch break and the place was buzzing with people sitting on slabs on either side ! I could almost feel all the eyes on me for I was the only one walking and they were all sitting on the slabs below!

My bad I had 6 parcels in hand and could barely look at my phone below.

I still managed to walk all coolly till my slippers broke.

They broke! Right there! I was still calm and turned towards the nearest slab, bent down , fixed them (atleast I thought I did) , and started walking.

I had barely managed to walkf four steps when the slippers broke again.

That was it I could see everybody looking at me and wondering what I was going to do next. I randomly turned to three people sitting on the slab to my left (who had come out for fresh air, in the lunch break) and asked them if they had superglue. They were confused that I even asked them such a question! ‘I am sorry, we don’t! ‘ one of them said.

I quietly say down a metre or two away from them! Throughout, I knew everyone was looking at me! Had i broken my slippers in a not so crowded place, I would have just picked them up and walked bare feet to my block which was less than half a kilometre away! But no, I had to have them broken infront of a huge crowd and fail multiple times in fixing it.I started feeling stupid!

I called up a friend of mine and told her what happened and asked her for glue! I sat there wondering how I was going to fix it and in less than ten minutes there she was. Walking towards me with a folded overcoat. (That had me confused ! Had I said coat instead of shoes? Who cared! I had company now).

She came to me and I squealed and thanked her for coming and she unwrapped the coat (It was another friend’s!) and there were slippers inside. A pair! I giggled and happily and hopped into them, neatly wrapping the broken ones back into the coat again! Guess what I did afterwards? Looked at everybody around me, in the eye! ( that’s what, having a friend beside you does to you!) I randomly looked at them and probably even smiled at a few! “see this? I’ve got friends. And I’ve got shoes on!”

I happily hopped back to my block after squeezing her head and hugging her hands!

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Am I right or am I right?

This is just an instance of the times when the friends have been beyond “just friends” and have been family! 

There’s this friend who is shit scared of the way I drive, but still hops onto the bike everytime we go out. She complains all the way, but hey she’s still sitting on the bike with me!

So, there’s this creepy/scary face that I make , that scares the life out of another friend of mine! I have made her run out of the house by just making that face and she swears to never look at my face if I do that again, but hey, she still invites me for a sleepover, the very same day!

I get some rank in the semesters, I don’t really remember which ! But there’s this friend who tells her entire family that I came first in the entire Department! I say I got a job and she congratulates the company instead, in a post that she updates! Ask her why? ‘My wish! Because I don’t want my family to think I have a useless best  friend!’ she states arrogantly!

And many more such friends. Family!

I would love to thank each and everyone of them in person, for making life so much better! But hey, no way, for they will bask in self glory and never come out of it!

So here it is, a not so subtle and a not so strong ‘Thankyou’ note for you guys !

Thanks for being a major part of my life! You guys make life hilarious! Other people do not get why I keep giggling 24 hours a day! It is all bad influence, you know! Nobody gets me like you guys do!From the constant babbling, the unseasonably long wails, the unnecessary questions to  the sudden food craving, you guys have seen it all.

And you are still here! Everytime I need beautiful people around me! You are all here. What more could I ask for!


6 thoughts on “When you have your friends around you!

  1. 😀 You have a delightful attitude – and good friends. For decades I have laughed out loud, frequently remembering how my bestie once told me back in the day, “Ah, you’ll probably never see them again anyway.” Perfect. I’m laughing with you and your friends. Very nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

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