A lost love..

What is life without having lost a love that had lit the fire in you..

A love that got to you quicker than fire, to a forest!

A love that almost had you dead, in the fall! 

A feeling that had your head spinnin, heart pounding..

The one that had you gasping for breath!

How, just the thought of it made you freeze..

Were you given a choice? Yes..

You were a willing puppet in its hands, blindfolded all along..

Were you willing to die in the hands of it? Yes..

A journey you had begun with the love by your side..

Darkness all around, but the love shone bright.. didn’t that suffice?

Then, like in every other story , the love was gone!

Did it lead you too into an endless tunnel with nowhere to go?

With no turning back for you had gone too far..

The only choice being, to continue deeper into the tunnel but now, alone..



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