The struggles behind  ONE good picture. 

Who wants a good picture? Me! You! All of us do! We all want a pretty-pretty picture!

    There’s always this lucky crowd that manages to get the prettiest of pictures  with not an ounce of effort put into it! How much I envy them! *smile* *click* and it’s done! They pout, they wink, they stick their tongue out, all flawlessly! NOT FAIR!

    Then there’s me (and a few of you too probably) ! After a hundred  pictures if I am really really lucky, one, just one might be close to being good. Else, none at all!

    Sad isn’t it? 

    Well they say nothing in life comes easily! For big things in life , I agree, there will be obstacles and hindrances and all of those! But hey, not for something as small as “a pretty picture to upload onto your profile on facebook” ! Come on !

    • You get all dressed up for some event at work and everyone starts clicking selfies, you get all excited and go find a place with a nice backdrop ( it should be perfect right?!)! You sit down and set your hair and take out your phone and voila, ‘5% battery critically low’. That’s it! You run for dear life, in search of the charger! plug it in and before you could connect the cord , the phone gets switched off and you lose it! One good picture gone!
    • This other time, you are trying to click a selfie of an entire group and just a millisecond before the phone captures, somebody drops their hand ‘accidentally’ on your ‘set hair’,  you gasp and end up looking like a very very angry person who just got outta bed!Everyone in the picture looks good but you! Sigh!
    • ‘Smile’. *smiles* ‘No. Don’t fake  it. Smile like you normally  do’ . *tries harder* ‘Come on, you look constipated!’ *glares at the person*! ‘You retard! That’s how my face is! Just click the goddamn picture already!’ And there’s no smiling after the burst out is there? Yet another good picture gone!
    • ‘Let’s all stick out our tongues’ one of those pretty friend says and hits on the capture button. ‘No..Please no..’ you start , in your defense; and when you know it’s too late, you give in and do the ‘tongue out’ pose. Again, you look like you are just trying to remove the food sticking outside your mouth! Failure!
    • Pouts? Not your cup of tea! Creepy enough to scare a lil kid away? Well well, you have me for company, soul sister!
    • *wink* and click a picture. You are happy with the picture and go on to show a friend!’Dust?’ She asks! ‘Dust what?’, you are confused! ‘Looks like dust fell into your eye and you are struggling to keep it open!’. Slap on the face eh? Failure!
    • ‘Please. This is the last time I promise. Come click a picture’ you beg a friend! ‘Alright just 5 minutes. I have a call in 5’. You both run over to the ‘nice pictures are taken here’ spot and your friend bumps into a friend of hers! The next five minutes, they babble endlessly! You just stand there like a lost kid waiting for your mom to get done talking with her friends! The stupid person leaves and your friend goes all ‘ Shit. I am so sorry but I have to go now. I promise I will click nice pictures of you later ‘ she walks away. Sigh!
    • Here comes the saddest part.. when you do finally manage to click a pretty picture, but the background is as awkward as it can get! Crop it on the left, crop it on the right! It still says. That stubborn crap, it does!

          For me it is the people mostly! Everytime I pose for a picture someone or the other passes by, staring not so subtly! Just enough to make you conscious! There are times when a friend is clicking a picture of me and I am almost there, a person or two appear from nowhere! Gone. There are these other times when just a second before the picture  is clicked , I notice there are people already sitting  (I just failed to notice before! Too picture obsessed, my bad!). That’s the most awkward situation for you start recalling all that you did ever since you went to that place to click a picture! ‘That person has seen it all’ is the only thing that keeps echoing in your mind!

          Last week, this  happened! I had worn my new black shoes that day and badly wanted a picture in it! After work hours, my friend and I got up to leave, and I begged her to click  a picture!

           Not far away from my place , I stood and flung my ID card away. I was all set to get a pretty picture when I suddenly noticed the bosses sitting inside a meeting room to my right! I gasped! What if they had seen the ID card flying in the air? Not very professional of me , eh? Why! Why do they have glass doors!? I quickly bent down, warned my friend and quietly walked up to where I had flung my ID card . No pictures at all. *Tears*

          Luckily , my friend was not just clicking a picture! She was having the time of her life by recording it all! Luckily  ,I say, because I can pin it up here with this blogpost! Voila!
          So, whenever you see someone having uploaded a pretty picture, keep in mind all the struggles behind it, and appreciate the exhausted souls! They deserve it! *Sob Sob*


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