Mother, you are a child!

A girl once asked us, ‘what’s it about your mother that you love the most?’.

She’s caring, said one! Selfless and compassionate, said another!

Empathetic and doesn’t impose rules, smiled a girl.

She’s so full of positivity, nodded another!

‘She stays up late when I have work’.

‘She stands by me when no one else does.’

‘I love her hugs.’ 

‘She’s my therapist!’ 

‘ She gives the best advise’

One by one they all went on..

‘You?’ They all looked at me..

She was all of those things that they mentioned, but I had something else in mind.

‘She is childlike. She’s my constant.’ I smiled , or should  I say goofy-grinned!


For,  that’s what she is. A child at heart. She gets us like any of our friends do. Fights with us for the Television remote. Gets teary-eyed when she badly wants to eat something but we refuse to go bring it for her. Food tops the priority list. Sobs when there’s nothing good on the television nor in the theatres! Gets jealous, not very subtly, when we go on and on about how cool someone’s mother is! Dominates us and makes sure we get up, when we sit in her place! 

So you see? The perks of being with her? She knows when to be the ‘Mom’ (Man. She’s fierce!) and when to be the ‘child’. You get the best of both :’)

This is a small token of love from us ( sister and I) , to Maa, on her birthday. The least we could do for all that she’s done for us and will continue doing; for her unconditional love. ❀ 

Happy birthday cutie❀😁

Loads of love,

Your daughters.


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