One stubborn brat…

A lost soul that she was, lay awake everynight!

Not knowing what went wrong..

Not knowing what went missing..

All she knew was she wasn’t going to fall in love again!

And then one day, she bumped into this boy, with smiling eyes..

He instantly saw the hurt in her eyes..

She walked away, and he stood there looking her way..

Till her silhouette faded!

The next day there he was, waiting for her to come that way..

She did..

‘Smile?’ He said with a confused look..

She shook her head and walked away!

He stood there scratching his head..

Again, the next day he was there, not wanting to give up..

The more she walked away, the more he wanted to see the smile on her face!

She saw him and shook her head in disbelief..

‘Smile yet?’ He asked, smiling..

And the same ritual followed..

A week, a month.. she refused to smile..and he refused to give up!

Knowingly or unknowingly he was losing himself to her..

Then, one other day, she got furious when she saw him again..

‘How is it your business? Leave me alone’ she yelled at him..

The very first words she spoke, after all these days, he smiled.

The following day, she walked towards the place fidgeting..

She did not know why, but  hoped he would be there..

Somehow, he had become her human..

But no.. he wasn’t there..tears rolled down her cheek..

She sat down on her knees and cried her heart out.. 

Why was she crying? She had no clue!

She heard footsteps behind her and hid her face till the footsteps faded..

Little did she want anyone at all, to see her crying!

She opened her eyes to him, scratching his head like always..

‘I am sorry,I’m late’ he said guiltily..

She dug her face into his chest and cried , probably for the last time…

‘Smile yet?’ He asked softly..

She gave in and smiled..’ aren’t you one stubborn brat!’.

Hand in hand they walked, and their silhouettes faded..


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