Hey, I want a twin!

‘Twins’ have always amazed me. The entire concept of having a twin is so ridiculously amazing!

You know what you look like when you sleep, when you yawn, when you pout and when you’re crying. You would know what you look like, to others! You get to wear their clothes. And it’s pretty cool how, when your twin looks splendid in an outfit, you choose to Wear it to the next big party in town, without even having to try it on! Such perks. Much wow. Oh the shoes, even shoes-exchange can happen!

Got a very messy hairstyle and it’s all screwed up? Your twin is never going to try it . Perks again? Atleast you’re useful!

Here comes the fun part, the confused look on people’s face in trying to figure out who’s who, is PRICELESS I bet! There is so much of chaos! So much of confusion! Spilling out the secrets to the wrong twin! Awkward hugs with the wrong twin. Bad mouthing the twin infront of the very same twin himself! All big blunders!

If I had a twin, *squeals in excitement with just the thought of it!* . Where was I? Yes, if I had a twin, I would act confused when the professor addressed me, pretending I am not me at all! Would bump into my twin’s friends and cancel out on the plans of going outside! Evil, yes. But hey all that would be so much fun. We could get dressed up the complete same way and walk around infront of a couple of people  confusing the hell out of them (given that the twin is insane too). Like asking a random stranger for an address. And then my twin coming from another direction and asking for the opposite. Such fun. There is an endless list. 

And oh, I once read this post on Facebook which said something like ‘”If you are like 3 minutes elder to your twin, call them up and say ‘ you know, when I was your age..’ and tell them what you did 3 minutes ago ” . Too tempting eh?!

But hey, this one thing is hilarious though! How’s it going to be for someone to date a twin? How would they know who’s who? What if your twin had no clue you were dating , but your date bumps into them and screws it all up? What if your date sees your twin with her date, and mistakes it for you!

What if your twin’s date is an artist, and spends a massive amount of time in sketching her portrait as a gift for their big day! You could just randomly walk over and say ‘ Hey that’s a really nice sketch of me!’. Poor poor guy wouldn’t know how to react!

I love chaos! The good chaos! And nothing is more chaotic than having an identical twin ! Everyday is a jolly ride!

Any of you have a twin? Yes? How lucky are you! Ever dated a twin? Tell me. I am dying to know!


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