All hail the short people!

‘Shorty’ , ‘ short stuff’ , ‘dobby’ and what not.  Well ,welcome to the life of a short girl. How short? I am 4’11. Not very tall eh? Not at all, I say.

Been short ever since and yet, people around, get amusingly surprised every now and again, like I was 6 feet the previous day and turned short overnight. Get over it already, cuties! Face it. Face the hard truth๐Ÿ˜‚

Well it’s amazing to be short because of the people around you. Ask me why? Here you go!

1. No. Calling us short does not make us sad anymore. But we do appreciate your comebacks:

Back then when you were 5 years old or 6, or even 7, when your friends pulled your leg saying you were the shortest,it probably worked. But hey, the fact that they think they are stil targeting your ‘weak point’ by calling you short and stuff, is hilarious! Little do they realise you have the time of your life while seeing them trying to annoy you. Well I am sorry folks, “After all this time?” ” always..” does not apply everywhere. 

You have a serious argument going on and your friend says ‘ how would you know? I bet the world looks different from down there!’ And you just laugh out loud. The statements they come up with!

2. Being showered with the strangest of compliments at the most unexpected times:

So you’re just sitting and eating your lunch and one of your friends just goes ‘awwwww! You’re so freaking small and adorable! I love the way you eat!’ And you just sit there not knowing how to react to this. 

Then, this other time you are just walking towards some place and someone goes all ‘ damn! Look at the tiny tiny steps you take! So cute!’ And you just stand there, scratching your head and trying to stifle a giggle. It’s okay, it probably is their ‘fan moment’.

They see your shoes and are amused at how small the feet are. Again, the ‘ Omg. Such small feet you’ve got’ they dote!

You are narrating a story and you see they are all listening  to you. Everyone. ‘ look at your tiny hands move up and down as you talk!’ And you’re like ‘wow’. 

Then again, you are sitting on a chair and unlike everybody else, your feet don’t touch the ground. So you just lift your legs up and sit cross legged. That again, is the cutest thing they’ve seen,they claim and you just sit there thinking to yourself  ‘ damn, I do not even have to try being cute. Comes naturally eh?’ ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚But dare I say it out loud, dead meat!

3. All of those special treatments:

Selfies or group pictures. ‘Hey. Come on front shorty!’. They make you stand in the front. You won’t be seen otherwise! So hey, you are there in every picture. Right infront. Cool eh?  Not just that, they even bend down so you are not  the only short being in the picture. Such nice people!

There’s an event going on and you are late and so have to stand all the way behind. Hell no! Come on, you are short. You’ve got your own perks! ‘Squeeze in. Come on!’ A friend screams from the front and there you are, standing in the front enjoying the event inspite of having been late. Oh yeah!

So you are walking with your tall friend and you see some annoying person out there. Make your tall friend stand infront of you. Voila, solution. An effortless one!

So there’s this gathering and something is being discussed and you have a point to make. Easy-Peasy, lift your hands up and all eyes on you. ‘ go on’ they say. Lucky much?!

Not all the rules apply to you. Nope nope nope.

And hey, people don’t forget you. Who cares what they remember you for, they remember you is all. Meet them just once, they will remember you forever. ‘ Ah! I know that girl. I know her’ . You are world famous ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Not bragging here. Or maybe, I am. A little. Just a little.

Who said being short ain’t fun? It is double the fun. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Cheers to every short girl around ๐Ÿ’™


12 thoughts on “All hail the short people!

  1. when i read your blog two of funny instances popped up in my mind .In college, its my turn to take a seminar.When i went in front of the crowd and standing in platform started the seminar one of the guy was pointing at me and said to my lecturer “please ask her to stand and then start”…..then what! Whole class was laughing at me..
    And one more funniest life moment,after marriage when i came to know that my husband’s only condition to their parents on selecting his better half was ”She should be tall”.after hearing that i burst into laughter. .Oh pity.That’s y people say ”Manaivi amaivadhellam kadavul kodutha varam’..


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