But they said otherwise, before!

You know what I hate the most?

How impressions change!

Perspectives before and after certain instances in life.

Initially you are very beautiful in their eyes. Have they seen a better person than you? Hell, no! You are the best!

You are friendly, caring, happy and all of the other good adjectives!

Then something went wrong between you? A misunderstanding? You faded apart?

Forget it, I tell you forget it.

‘Cause you know how it works?

You might be the nicest person, but now that you are apart you are without doubt , the opposite!

For you are now insensitive. 

You always were, apparently! Or that’s what they say!

Oh you are too unnecessarily friendly!

Caring? You only fake it!

And oh, you are too happy, too in your own world.

You have always been, apparently and they failed to see through you.

But hey, they said otherwise before, didn’t they?


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