She fell in love, and with a stranger..

With a stone heart,

And ambitions sky-high..she walked!

No issues big or small ever broke her apart.

Until one day..

Her eyes met his..

‘Oh dear dear!’ She exclaimed to herself..

Her eyes crinkled and her lips gave way to a smile!

He shook his head and smiled right back..

Had she seen anything as beautiful as this? Hell no!

Was it his face? Was it the way he smiled?

What was it about him that got to her, she had no clue!

For the first time in her life, she studied a face, in every detail..

No maps had ever been this interesting..

No maps no more.. she smiled again!

Their eyes met and she gasped, almost

What was this feeling? 

What was with all the heavy breathing..

She stood there amazed by the strange emotions that grew in her..

Letting the moment sink into her every vein..

She did not want it to stop!

Whatever was happening then, was pure beautiful.

And then the gaze broke and he turned to walk away..

She was falling in love already,

or whatever it was that felt like this

She hardly knew him? Who cared!

She knew him enough, she thought!

Should she run behind him?
But love, she feared..

Even the strongest of hearts have been broken into the tiniest of pieces, 

they had told her!

Falling in love would do that to her..
Pulling her atlas closer to her heart, 

she stood there smiling as he slowly vanished.. 


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