On crushes  and lost sanity…

‘DAMN! He’s doing it again.. he’s smiling ‘ I grinned sheepishly at my crush, sitting two tables behind us. Was he looking? Yes he was! At me? Well, no! Looking he was, but at other girls. Did I care? Maybe a little! So, did i stop looking? NOPE. I still doted.

That’s what having a crush on someone does to you. You don’t really need them to look at you for you to be on cloud nine. That would be lil like crush, a lot like love.

 But this, they are  just there.. sitting.. smiling.. chewing their food.. gulping down the water..nodding their head..doing things normal human beings do. And there you are.. looking at them like they just dropped down from the heaven above…  they are the most beautiful thing you have ever come across, right?

‘He looked at me.. he did he did he did’ I squeaked in euphoria and beyond. (insert a stronger word, if there is). 

Sanity? That’s long lost.Since the moment  you first set your eyes on him. Holy goodness, all the tales about butterflies and absent mindedness and hyperventilating are true, indeed. You keep ogling at them the entire day..nothing to be surprised about. 

But when they look at you… wait for it.. *half faints*…*enters into a coma for a couple of seconds*….*gets back to senses*….*screams hysterically*….*high-fives friends frantically*…*lets out a happy sigh*.

That’s what happens when they look at you. They make your day don’t they? Oh wait, they are absolutely clueless on how beautiful they are. They think they are normal. Hell no… they are special… should we sing a song for them infront of everyone? They deserve it don’t they?

‘Damn he’s going ‘ I whined.He had finished eating his food and I was yet to begin. 

‘Ouch.. my head hurts.. or what’s this thing called? The neck? It hurts.’ I frowned. ‘We would only be surprised if it did not.. you have been twisting and turning your head around every possible way to look at his ugly face’ my friend snapped right back.

‘Watch what you say. Ugly? Him? Are you kidding me? Haven’t you seen him smile? What’s wrong with you people?! I sighed.

The struggle is real. Your friends find them ugly, mostly..and your crush on them, pointless. They come up with the meanest of nicknames for your baby and you are there, looking calm from the outside but gritting your teeth and secretly planning on ways to kill your friends.

‘ He will head to the Juice Counter now. Let’s please go there..’ I begged my friends.

This again, you know your crush’s routine and timetable better than you know yours. Obsessive crush disorder. 

You know where they go and when. You know their bestfriends. You know who they hang out with. That’s how you are almost always present whereever they are. It is pure ‘co- incidence’ you see?

So this one time, you are all sad and you need to do something refreshing and you just get up from your place and go in search of your crush. For what better way is there to cheer up, than to look at your crush’s face. You know exactly where he is going to be. You walk over to where he is and you order for food too.. he looks at you and you do a happy dance on the inside. What after that? A happy happy day ahead. 

‘Wake up… wake up you idiot’ your friend would slap you hard on your head making you jump from your seat and stand steadily… ‘ I wasn’t sleeping.. I was only thinking about him ‘ you shake your head.
You come up with ridiculous situations in your head where you imagine your crush to be walking somewhere with a glass door infront of him and he sees a reflection of you walking behind him and he stops and turns, mesmerised by your presence. He is seeing you for the first time.. ‘ where have you been all my life?’ He says and you are lost in his gaze.. intense eh? 

God bless the freedom of thought! All the situations you create and live in your mind, seem so real. Like they actually happened and you are there looking at the walls smiling like an idiot and no one knows why. Not even the crush.


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