Two Happy Souls.

She was an unreasonably happy soul.

Never would you see her without a smile..

She smiled as she walked,

Danced as she talked.

Who would not want to be near her?

She radiated joy.

They found her confusing.

‘I mean, how can anyone be this happy always?’

Nobody got her. 

Some wanted to be like her, carefree 

The rest just judged her..

‘ she’s emotionless maybe?’

They came up with all theories.

In a world full of people who found ‘being happy’ disturbing,

She bumped into another joyful soul, one day.

Another unreasonably happy soul.

He wagged his tail endlessly..

He jumped up and down.

He licked her face and untied her shoelace.

She smiled at him, amazed..and he pounced on her

They got each other so well!

‘Ah, you happy soul, I am taking you home’ She grinned

And so, one happy soul found another.


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