We will miss you, Loki!

Today was like every other day. A little better infact, I got time to write a post at 7 in the morning. A post on dogs, again! What better way to start a day! 

It had been going really well till about an hour ago.

Before I tell you what went wrong, I will tell you this. 

On instagram I bet I follow more dog pages than humanbeings. Every morning routine : open instagram, see my newsfeed flooded with pictures of the dogs I follow. Like every picture. Tag my other ‘dog loving’ friends on it and make their day too. Close instagram with a big smile on my face.

Not just the morning. Any hour of the day, when I need to smile, all I need to do is go see my favourite dogs and all their mischief. 

So there is this profile that I follow, called Lokistagram. It belongs to this adorable dog called Loki. He’s a corgi!

One of my favourites. Corgis have always been a favourite. They are such cute creatures. They have the most photogenic face ever, I feel! 

So I have been following Loki since, I don’t really remember when. Every picture of him always brought a smile to my face. It still does.
He turned 5 this May. And oh, he loves flowers or so I assumed with the number of pictures he has on instagram, with and around flowers. And oh, this cutie has a pet! A friend! A hamster called ham ham. And they look so alike. You’d be surprised .

Unfortunately, 3 or 4 days back, there has been a post stating Loki’s kidneys were in a bad condition. My bad, the picture did not appear on my feed and I remained ignorant about the entire situation till a few hours ago , today.

In the evening while scrolling through my feed I saw a post from a different profile  saying ‘We will miss you Brother, Loki’ and I gasped.

I quickly looked up Loki’s profile and was in for a shock. He was gone. He had been fighting for his life for the past 3 days. That tiny bundle of joy had been going through so much pain and here I was, absolutely clueless about it all. Not that I could have prevented it from happening, but I felt I deserved to know for he was like this online friend of mine that kept putting up hilarious cute pictures every now and again. I Sat there going through the comments on a post about him being happy and loved, wherever he was and a tear fell. Hell no, I was not going to stop it. He was worth it wasn’t he? I went on a ‘liking’ spree, liking around 20 to 30 pictures of his. That good dog.

I am really sorry about all you had to go through, Loki. You are a brave dog. A good dog. 

We all sure as hell, are going to miss you very much. You have always made us all happy, Loki. And I believe you still will even after all this. We have all the pictures of yours to cherish, forever. And I really hope your profile still stays.

A humble request to the master. Please do not take away his Profile. 

We love you Loki . And we will miss you. Rest in peace you good soul.

For all of you who want to see him:

Just look at him smiling❤

The flower pictures I mentioned earlier.

Him during his treatment. 

And this.

For all of you who want to go see every pic of his, this is where you have to go :



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