How I wish…

Saw a bunch of kids laughing loudly, outside my window as I drove,

Brought down the glass..

Heard their endless giggles and smiled..

Their warmth and happiness spread.

As I drove further,

Saw a man and woman fighting..

Such dissatisfied faces,

Shook my head..

Pulled the glass up, as I neared the couple..

Did not see them.. could not hear them..

Continued driving with the kids’ happy faces, in my mind!

Wish life worked this way. Wish there was a filter to block all the negativity before it got to you. Wish I had the power to just shut the Goddamn imaginary window everytime I came across anything even remotely disturbing. 

‘Hey look, it looks like something bad is gonna happen..quick shut your life’s window, let’s not see it.’

‘Hey look, a bunch of happy people. Open the window already! ‘

Imagine a world full of positive vibes and positive people and loads of positivity around. Pure bliss, right?

How I wish life worked this way.


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