Food is love. Food is life. 

‘ You have 5 minutes exactly’ I shouted from my room.

‘Make it 10? Pleaaaase’ my sister shouted back from wherever she was!

I was taking her on a date and she was super excited. I had charged my phone to 100 and was all set. What’s a day out without pictures!

In no time we were driving our way to “Absolutely clueless where”! We kept debating. I suggested Swensens which was really really far, and knowing my geographical skills , she rejected almost immediately !

She wanted to go to the beach. It was again, far. Very far. After almost about an hour of pointlessly roaming around, I stopped by an ATM to draw cash.

While I went in and came back, my sister was on the bike! Sitting and grinning ear to ear. ‘McDonald’s?’ She squealed. Indeed, it had been ages since she had stepped into it. Thanks to all the ‘overhogging’for one week straight, few months back! She had refused to even look at a Mcd franchise after that!

Now she was back. The animal in her was back.

I nodded and was texting my mum, updating her on the plans and some random man horned and aksed us to move forward. (Nope. We were not on the middle of the road.we weren’t even on the road!). My sister panicked and moved the vehicle immediately, hitting me on my right shoulder. 

What happened next?

The phone. It fell.

 Bam! My beautiful beautiful mobile. It fell face down, and I just stood there staring at it for a few seconds, before I could bend down and have a look at it.

‘You Moron’ I yelled at my sister. (I absolutely can, for it was kinda new. Bought it this Jan! And hey, I am still not done paying for it! So you get the point?!)

I picked it up from the ground and dusted it and looked at the screen.

I gasped. She gasped. We gasped.

There was one crack, just one. A diagonal line, almost dividing the screen into two equal parts. 

What next? Obviously, my eyes welled up. Why, why such a huge line! I typed out a message and it worked absolutely fine. I could hardly see the crack but from one angle.

I drove ridiculously fast after that. To give her a hint on how super annoyed I was, with her! We hardly even spoke a word.

I stopped near McDonald’s. ‘Eat whatever  you want! I want nothing!’ I gave her the wallet and scowled! To my astonishment, little girl had her priorities straight! She took the money and went on to order her food, with no questions at all.

I sat in a corner, she came and sat right next to me with her burger and fries and coke.

I did not even look at her. Neither did she. She went on munching her food. She was so focussed, it annoyed me more. She barely even looked my side.

I got furious and randomly scrolled through my feed on insta! 

She’s munching on the fries. I can hear them. The crisp fries. I know how they sound.

I open some riddle application with absolutely, downright stupid puzzles to solve. 

She’s munching on the burger now. I can smell the double cheese toast. 

I cringed. 

Damn. She’s slurping down all of the coke now, at an enormous rate. 

I hear tissues now. She’s done eating. WHAT. 

She just finished eating all the food alone, after breaking my phone. I turned to her and glared at her.

I shoved the wallet up her face and barked ‘ Go get me one burger and large fries and oreo McFlurry. The burger, Double cheese. Even tripple, if they have it!’ in one breath!

She burst out laughing. I turned away.

Few minutes later, she walked towards me with the tray. I can see your halo halo halo I can see your halo halo halo ohh.

She placed it on my table, in front of me , giggling . 

I started giggling uncontrollably. No clue why. High on food maybe. High on ‘just looking at the food’, precisely. 

After few seconds of giggles I started hogging the food like a poor homeless woman.

She kept looking at me. At the fries, I realised later.

‘Here’ I managed to say, with food in my mouth. Disgusting eh? Bah! Who cares.

She grinned and started hogging my food again. 

‘That?’ She looked at the McFlurry!

I looked at her for a minute, in awe.

How can someone be oh so ‘not at all sorry I broke your phone’!!?!

Before I could answer, she reached out and took the flurry. 

We sat there laughing and chattering away.

Where was my phone? Somewhere in the bag probably! Did not really matter.

‘I am sorry’ she said as she ate the fries. ‘Nah! Nevermind’ I gobbled up the burger.

And thus, food came to her rescue.

Divided by Godknowswhat, United by FOOD.

All hail food.

Food is  is life. 


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