Someone listen to me!

To begin with, this probably must be the lamest title for a blog post!But hey, listen to me. few minutes?

I last blogged a month ago. And today, it feels ridiculously good to have clicked on the  wordpress icon again. After all this time? Always. 

So much happened in this one month. So many things I wanted to tell you all!My bad, just did not find the time for it. 

Okay, brace yourselves! Random ranting ahead.

On reading  :

I couldn’t write , yes! But I sure read a lot of books. Four. (Yes. 4 is a big number these days! Unfortunately) . Every free minute I got, I read. 
Had no time for human beings! Every free minute I had, I happily jumped into the book. When I did not have the book, I would just sit and think about them characters . It went to the extreme of me getting the urge to tag a woman from the book in a post I saw on facebook. And again, I couldn’t . Sadness in life. 

I was the most powerful soul in that period. Got things done, my way . Ask me how? I would just say ‘Do this or let me tell you what’s happening in the story, atleast. please! ‘ and without wasting a second, they would be gone and the job, done! *Mwahahahahahah* 

Beautiful days. Sigh !

On some men, their ego and curses:

So, this happened. My friend and I were on our way to our team dinner on my bike. We were running late and there were calls after calls. The roads were pretty empty and I flew. Like literally. Yes. I had complete control over the vehicle. 

Somewhere on the way, we crossed 2 men( or boys! couldn’t tell. Helmets.) They had been happily driving at their own pace… until we crossed them. All of a sudden they sped right past us. 

Ego. I hurt their male pride. Their over protected pride.  overreactive also.

Having ignored them, I kept driving and there was a traffic jam. Thank my stars, I managed to squeeze in between cars and got rid of  the traffic . The men couldn’t make it, I saw.

Still ignoring them, we flew, for there were people waiting for us and in no time , we heard  honking and screams. 

‘You sure will die, if you ride like this’ I heard the same men screaming. Cursing,rather! 

Seriously ? Like seriously ? I gaped and thanked God when they turned a different direction . In no mood to argue, was I!

Was it their shattered pride? I was surprised at how easily their ego hurt! Real surprised . 

Every boy/ man I pass by, while riding my bike , I get the same reaction . Minus the cursing probably. I ain’t exaggerating  when I say they get wild when a girl rides faster than they do. Why? It is no neuroscience! Still confused.

On crowd fear and blunders:

So, we had to dress up ethnic to celebrate diwali, last Friday . 

Saree . What would be more ethnic than that! I chose a vibrant orange one. Everything was fine until 3 , afternoon !

The judges were doing a floor walk, apparently, for the best dressed! And, the participants had to tell them what Diwali meant to them.

I was happily working. Little was I even interested in taking part in the competition . I kept working, when my boss came and asked me to talk to the judges when they came. she wanted me to. participate. holy shit!

I couldn’t look like a scaredy cat infront of her, so I just shook my head in the most confident manner ever. She sure had not seen me doing the public speaking! 

The judges came by and our team, the entire lot, participants and non participants had to gather around them. 3 of my team mates lifted their hands and did the talking. I was glad they weren’t forcing everybody to participate . Trust me, I have never thanked my height, the way I did that day. I hid behind all my tall friends!

I was smiling to myself like a lunatic. My boss looked at me and narrowed her eyes .  ‘talk’, she mouthed. 

I nodded again and cleared my throat mustering all my guts. Just seconds before I could raise my hand, my heartbeat masked every sound around me. I couldn’t hear a thing. only thump thump thump and thump.

This was the case, always! crowds and stage and talking out loud, the worst combination ever. No matter how prepared I was, everytime I climbed the stage, I would want to melt down into a puddle of nothing. There would be hyperventilation, followed by multiple death wishes, gasping  for breath, and sometimes, teary  eyes ! All this for the initial 80- 90 seconds. After  that , it was always easy!

So yes, I could not even hear myself think and the judges asked if there were more participants and I stayed quiet . I did a happy dance , mentally when the crowd dispersed and the judges left !

To my horror , my boss called out to the judges and pointed fingers at me. Embarrassing much? 

‘Come here come here!’ They signalled to me, smiling!

I walked  upto where they stood, away  from my team , away from other people and gave the tiny little speech on nothing. I spoke continuously, not wanting to think! Thinking  at such situations was a dangerous thing to do! So I babbled for an entire minute! They all looked genuinely confused , poor babies! But hey, they asked for it!

So now, I am also the girl who couldn’t talk for herself and had to depend on her boss to get to talk to the judges. Embarassment is an understatement . 

I so detest public speaking. Give me a note and a pen. I will do the public writing. But speaking? NAY NAY! BYE-BYE . 

And now, almost abruptly , I am ending this blog post. No. Please don’t block me .😂 


Have a great day you  all😁


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