Farewell best friend!

Whoa she sure must have too much of attitude . I thought to myself as I walked to my cubicle, passing hers, in my very first week at office.

She passed by every now and again and I would only stare at her. I had spoken to pretty much everybody in the team, but her. 

One fine day my name and her name were nominated to conduct games for the team. I was hesitant. like seriously? she doesn’t even talk, how am I to work with her?

She sat in the row infront of mine. I pinged her, finally , after multiple debates. I had to know when to meet to discuss the games.

In less than a minute I heard her call out loud to the guy next to her ‘ who is yash uh yash-aaash-weeni?’ she looked at him confused.

Ugh. Embarassment. She did not even know my name. Yet I stood there weirdly waving my hand as she turned.

‘I am so sorry!’ she giggled adorably . 

She ain’t that bad probably I thought to myself.

That was the very first time we spoke.

One other time, I spoke gibberish and expected the others to talk to me the same way. None of them did!

‘Jibiklaminsa flookshim brilmstikomli?’I glared at a friend. He did not respond either. Frustrated, I turned towards another team and spoke gibberish. Nobody responded initially. 

She slowly did. she looked at me, giggled and started responding. We spoke like that for about a minute, annoying the hell out of everyone. 

That was all it took. Meet Dikshita , everyone! My drama queen .

And today, sadly, very sadly, I write this blog for it was her last day at work! She needs a break, apparently.

Workplace is not going to be  the same without that retard. Why I call her a retard? Here you go!

She listens to music while working. Everybody does. Hers is at a full volume though. When she gets too lost in the song, she sings loudly along with it, like real loud. Everybody starts laughing and she is absolutely clueless. She is only humming to herself, according to  her! When she sees us laughing, she removes the headphones and looks at us like we are the retards.

I can go on and on with instances to prove how big a retard she is.

Only, she is my retard. A selfless retard.

Somewhere  between all those innumerable inside jokes, being there for each other, when life sucked; keeping nick names for  people we hated;keeping nicknames for just anybody and everybody; laughing at each other;laughing with each other; liking all sad dramatic bollywood songs; fighting  over the stupidest of things; getting a teeeeny bit jealous sometimes; being each other’s photographers; promising to dance at each other’s wedding and a lot of other insane shit; I found a best friend I wouldn’t want to lose. A drama queen, who has put in me a little of herself . That explains this huge dramatic post, I believe.
You are a beautiful woman, in and out.

Will miss seeing your face everyday. I love you Dikshita, in spite of all your drama and unbearable Sa Re Ga Ma ( Hey, acknowledge that rhyme out there! Cool eh?).


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