Facebook. 1 new notification : ‘ON THIS DAY’

Everybody has their share of embarrassing situations when instances from the past are brought up.

They are all standing around you and laughing at you and you are there, standing like you are not associated with that past self of yours at all.

Hey yes, there are times when we did cute stuff back then. Who says no to stuff like that being brought up. No one. Go on. Talk about me. Tell people how cute I was. But, just that.

Everytime facebook tells me I have memories from this day, scootscootscoot. And BAM . Stupidity . Overflowing emotions, insensible, hilarious status updates from 3 years ago or more. I would have the time of my life laughing at it all only to realise a few moments later I am only laughing at myself . 

‘Quick, delete. There should be  no trace of that stupidity left.’ said a post I came across once .

But nope. Not deleting.

Sometimes I take a quick screenshot of the posts to send it to friends later for when they are feeling low. Yes, I am letting my posts become a joke. But isn’t that what it is? All of our status updates from years  ago? A joke.

But that’s nothing to be ashamed of. That was just you. A younger, naive little you.

It’s not like you are all cool from day 1. Definitely not. It takes years of cheesy status updates, heartbreaks, innumerable chickflicks, weird crushes to get to where you are now. A grown up.

What’s life without having put up statuses like 

“I HATE EXAMSSSSSSSS. I AM SCARED I WILL FAIL” (Considering the time you are spending on facebook before the exam, I second your fear of flunking!)

” I regret it. I rushed uppp :'(” or (Aww, you poor thing. You shouldn’t have done what you did. I have no clue whatsoever what it is all about, but from how you have not said it, I am guessing it was something very personal.)

” He is sooo keeeeewlll” or (Oh yes. I love how you think using ‘Keeeeewlll’ instead of cool makes you all cooooool!)

” I seeee spaarks flyy, wheneverrr you smiiilee”  ( A taylor swift song. Indeed, you think you are in love.)

” Whatever it is tell it on my faceeee. You double faced animal :/ :/ :/ :@” (Ah! A secret. But I scrolled down and read  the comments and I now know who did what:’) . )

” I wish you noticed me as much as I did.” ( Honestly honey, he probably thinks you are a creepy stalker. and this post, too. Forget him already!).

These and a lot of other such ‘from the bottomest of my  heart’ statuses.

I love how this  works. Every year, everyday I am constantly reminded of my not few blunders from the past.

As much as I would like to disown my past self, I wouldn’t want to delete any of those memories from the past( unless it is a really really ugly picutre of mine. Come on, I can’t be that sportive. Delete.)

I feel weirdly good everytime I read an old status update.

“Ugh. It is raining and I am wearing white. Muddy water splash splash:'(”

Those were the real time sad depressing things that happened to us back then. Things as small as these. The things that bothered us were these.

Later, you might want to go through the memories and try and understand your idea of happiness from before. Save it for yourself and your friends for when they are low (Very trustworthy friends alone. Or, your dignity is at stake,I tell you.)

Try and embrace your embarrassing yet adorable little self and the memories from then.

(Disclaimer, you might not want to show them to your crush/love . Not till you guys are strong and no force can break you apart!)


3 thoughts on “Facebook. 1 new notification : ‘ON THIS DAY’

    1. Hiii. I did not quite get the comment completely, but I am assuming it is about how you think we should be allowed to control our posts, delete or edit it. Thing is, the memories notification pops up only for us. Only we will be able to view them unless we decide to share it to the others.😁😁


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