We fell, again.

I will tell you one thing,

You were my world,

My sun and my moon.

One look at your serene face,

One fixed gaze from you,

I was yours to love, yours to break.

Fall I did, a little too hard,

You fell with me,

You stood guard.

Your gaze scared me,

They did things to my mind, scarred me.

And yet, I couldn’t look away,

I couldn’t not look into your eyes.

The crinkles when you smiled,

Lit my world.

You showed me love,

You made me fall.

But, will you tell me one thing?

What do I do, 

Now that you’re gone?

Our eyes don’t meet,

You don’t smile.

We haven’t spoken,

It’s been a while.

Are we lost?

Are we strangers?

And now, after all this time,

I know we fell again.

You and I, together again,

We fell out of love!


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