Hugs and happiness.

Not everyday can be a happy day, can it?

Today was one of those days.

After a bad day at work, I drove back home , every muscle refusing to contract and relax.

To add to it, because of a messed up lowerback , I had an appointment with a physiotherapist who said wanting a physiotherapy at this young age is really sad.

Yes. sad.Wasn’t I already sad? 

What do you do when you are sad? I treat myself with food, loads of it and buy myself fancy clothes and stationery.

I was too full for food, and I was sure Mum would disown me if i brought home anymore stationery . 

I walked into my favourite apparels store, at 21:25. I waved at all the sales people who looked all exhausted, but still managed to smile. I like such people.

A girl probably a year or two elder to me, was assisting me .

I walked around lazily and picked up a handful of clothes to try on. Not one was satisfying.

I came out of the trial room with a frown on my face and saw that the girl was not very happy looking either. She looked frustrated. Just what I needed on an already annoying day.

I walked around again tired, yet wanting to pamper myself out of all the annoyance. 

‘Don’t forget to turn off the lights’ another girl called out to her. The girl assisting me nodded restlessly, looking at her watch.

 That was when it hit me the store usually closed at 21:30 and it was 21:45 already. I had been too lost in my thoughts to remember that.

I looked at the girl and gasped and picked up a shirt and a jean and ran to the trial room calling out loudly to her ‘ Just 2 minutes. Sorry’. She looked annoyed.

I came running out in less than 2 minutes and ran down to the billing counter. Everybody had left, only the owner of the store and this girl were there. I paid and walked out the door and felt an overwhelming urge to hug the girl, little guilt, and lots of love for her.

I turned towards her, she was picking up her bag in a hurry. I ran over to her and pulled her into a tight hug. ‘Ma’am ma’am’ she gasped, but I did not give ip till she accepted to hug. She grinned and returned the hug, quite amused. She waved at me and left  before I did

Taking my bike , I waited for the red light to turn green, which it did after 2 long  minutes .

I took the road right infront of the store, not very angry now. As I rode, I noticed that girl standing near a guy about the same age.

She grinned at me and I stopped, and I am clueless why.

‘This is the one I was talking about’ she said to the guy, he nodded grinning. ‘Drive home safe’ he called out. ‘I am sorry you had to wait for her’ I replied.

‘You know it is  okay now’ the girl chirped in. I waved and rode back home, all the way grinning. She had already told him about me, in like what, a 5 minutes gap? Am I famous,or am I famous?😂

So that’s how a really really bad day turned out to be a ‘not so bad’ day. All thanks to the hug. Hugs are love

She made me grin, I had to write this post for her.

(And hey, don’t get too annoyed with the sales people when they assist you half-heartedly. Just remember they all have a personal life too,just like you and I.)


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