“Please don’t abandon me. I am trying my best to not giggle.”

“Hey come on.I do know you are serious.But I am just not able to stop myself” *giggles*

” That was the worst day of my life. I regret it all” *Giggles* “Wait what? you do know I am crying on the inside don’t you? *Giggles*

” Shit! That is sad. I am so sorry for you” *Giggles* *Gasps*

” My entire life is gone. like gone. Gone with the wind” *half sob* *muffled laughter*

*At a meeting* “I totally understand what you mean. I will work on it, swear” *Giggles*

“Hey I don’t wana lose you. And I tell you, I giggle for everything but jokes. I need you to know I am serious.Get used to me. I miss you” *Bursts into laughter* ” and the laughter too. Oh God. Help me” *Giggles*

“I feel miserable Maa, life sucks. I hate it” *Giggles with teary eyes*

“Oh, we are going to record our singing? I promise to be professional” *Giggles pointlessly throughout*

“No I did not  touch it. I swear. I did not even see it.” *Giggles* “No. I might giggle , but I ain’t lying.” *Giggles*

“What do you mean you lost your job? I am so sorry. What are you planning on doing next? *Giggles* “No.Please. No. I am not mocking you.”

This is my life up there. And a lot of you all go through the same,I bet.
Just how do we fix this? The urge to giggle at the most serious moments, only at serious moments. Clueless.

On behalf of the entire “Cluelessly giggling squad”, I have these:

1. No, we are not insensitive. We are very much empathetic.

2. We have as much idea as you have about our sudden giggles.

3. We feel really really bad when something bad has happened to you. Just give  us a while. After all the giggles are out, you will be grateful to us for our consoling skills. I ain’t kidding.

4. Giggling doesn’t mean we are lying. Trust us on this one. We hate it as much as you do. Giggling pointlessly.

5 Unfortunately for us, the more we mean something we say, the more hysterically we giggle . That should be your hint. 

6. When we say stuff like we love you or we miss you and then giggle, and then try stopping, in vain, you mean a lot to us. Why? Because despite knowing there is no stopping the giggles, we try. Consider yourselves special!

7. And oh, we resort to giggling when we panic and have no clue how to fix stuff.

8. We giggle when we drop something valuable, not because we want to. But because that is the base of all our emotions.

9. When we talk about a past relationship, giggling, don’t judge us otherwise. Because again, like I mentioned earlier, that is the first reaction to show up anytime. Let us go on and you will see a puddle of tears in a while. 

10. Do not disown us poor souls. We are nice people.

Lastly, just know that we are equally clueless about the giggles, and there is no running away from it. We are helpless.

Yours very Sincerely*giggles*,

The giggle squad.


5 thoughts on “THE GIGGLE SQUAD.

  1. A manager at work once told me, “I always smile when I’m nervous.” She was very self conscious about it because she felt it made her seem flippant in serious situations. She always made it a point to explain this to people. I think it was her way of deflecting discomfort. You are definitely not alone! And the people who know you, know your inner feelings and won’t focus on the outer appearance.

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