What’s it like to be in love?

Ask me what it is like to be in love!

I will tell you. I will.

It’s how you feel when you open a new book,

The scent catches you off guard!

Like the way you can’t help but sniff the pages,

Even when you know it’s addictive..perilous .

How you hated the book cover then,

But the more you read it, the more you know it,

The more it becomes a part of you!

It feels like the way your heart beats ‘what’s next?,

Everytime you turn around the page!

The way you can’t think about anything but it!

You are there, just sitting..making small talks, on the outside.

But deep down the book is all that’s on your mind!

It is pretty much how you feel when you know you have to put it down,

For just a while..

But no! You aren’t that strong.

You are hooked on to it. You just can’t let it go.

It’s like the way you feel when somebody else lays their hands on it,

The way you feel when they leave their mark on it..

When they fold it, highlight it!

It feels exactly how you feel when there’s a plot twist.

You had an idea in mind,

But quite the opposite happened!

It’s kinda like the way you sit up steadily,

Adrenaline rushing,

When a beautiful part comes up!

You read it again, and again, and again!

And play it again, and again and again,

Later in your mind.

All the rush of blood,

All the trips to lala land!

It feels like the way you feel when it is coming to an end..

You want more of it.

You might even read it all again,

Go through the same thing, again!

You just don’t want to close it is all.

It finally comes to an end,

You close it with a heavy heart!

But hey, the story remains

Fresh as ever, forever.

Every word etched into your heart!

That’s what it feels like!


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