When the daughter of the house, got to remain the daughter of the house!

[Pampered like  a princess,

Taken care of like a kid,
The daughter of the house

Now behind a curtain hid!]

Her mother hushed, signalling her to come sit with the rest of them, but she ignored and studied his face again, for the umpteenth time. He looked around for her, not so subtly, his eyes missing the curtains.She smiled to herself, triumphantly! She loved him, she did.

“Now we have just a week left for the big day” her father said, shaking her future father-in-law’s hand like a 12 year old, excited and elated. Everybody got up to leave while he still sat and looked around for her, hopelessly.

She found herself smiling like a kid that got the biggest piece of cake.

The moment they left, her father’s words hit her hard. “Just a week left!”.She ran into her room and threw herself on the bed, dramatically.
[Her mother hugged her tight,

Her father kissed her cheek that night!

She dropped to her knees, wailing like a kid,

“I KNOW!You guys only want to get rid!”]

Her mother and father laughed at her, making her more furious. She rolled over her bed restlessly! She couldn’t sleep the whole of that night . Neither could her parents.

She had to stay here, but she loved him too. She was getting married to him! She did not want to leave her house. 

[ The girl and the boy met the next day,

Neither of them had anything to say!

His intent gaze turned her face red,

Took her a minute before she finally said]

‘Will you do what I say? Just one thing?”, biting her lips. “Anything but to call off the wedding. That I won’t!” he grinned.

She let herself blush for a second before she got back to business.”I love mum and dad. I love you. They love you too!Why can’t you live with me, in my house?I love your parents. I love them all.I don’t know!”  She sighed, realising none of what she said made sense!She had made an utter fool of herself!
With that he burst out laughing and said ‘ I will think about it if you come with me now. I have some place to show you!”

She half gasped. He had not become furious. She was glad he atleast acknowledged her plan. 

He drove silently all along. She was confused when he headed towards her house and stopped right infront. Was he going to call off the wedding after all?Maybe he found her immature!

 He got down without a word and walked to the house diagonally opposite to hers. She did too.

He was standing infront of the recently renovated Paid Guest house. They had shut down recently, the girls who stayed there had told her! Somebody had bought the place!

“This now is going to be our house, in a month’s time..” He started, beaming!

“But but…’ she squealed excitedly before he cut her off, “Shhhh! Listen to me now. I bumped into the old man running it, a month after we got engaged!He was looking to sell the place for a fair deal! I asked him to get it renovated, without you knowing a word about it!And he played well, and that is how!Thanks to mum and dad, they agreed instantly!We are all shifting here!I thought it was only fair for you to live near your parents as well, when I got to live with mine!’ he grinned.

She gasped, blinking away the ever ready tears, vigorously!

“You do not have to worry about missing your parents now!” he smiled, searching her eyes for her thoughts on this.

“I like your nose!” She jumped on him hugging him tight.


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