All through the night.

​In the dark of the night,

There was a dim source of light.

When up and down she scrolled,
Messages from the past rolled.
The fingers ached from the scrolling,
Her heart did too, there was no stopping.

With every scroll, came a promise,
With every scroll, popped up a heart,
Red yellow blue or green
Her big brown eyes now had a sheen.

The aching fingers scrolled all through the night
Till the sun showed up that morning, bright.

-Yashaswini Balasubramanyam


42 thoughts on “All through the night.

      1. Come on. Who is saying that a single heart is not a broken one? No Tinder matches- That’s heart breaking itself. 😜

        But, but how are you doing? All okay? 🤔

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      2. There is no may be. I am utterly heart broken, may be a little more than you. 😜
        That’s nice. So, no longer a broken heart which is good.
        Oh, come on. How’s your thumb? Still hurting? 😜


      3. Bahhhhh! IMAGINATION, I swear. 😂 No longer a broken heart, was never a broken heart 😂 and the thumb? Hurts. Thanks to scrolling through the ‘newsfeed’ like you scrolled through your tinder 😝
        And poor thing, don’t be heartbroken. You shall soon find a perfect match on tinder.😇😇😂

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      4. It’s okay to get your heart broken. And this sounds like an experience than “imagination”. Good that it is no longer a broken heart. I’m not going to believe the second part though. 😜
        Yeah, I believe you. Why do you still have his messages? 😜

        Sigh, it is such a far fetched dream. 😜 If only.

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      5. Dear God. Kill me already!😂😂 Please. RIGHT NOW. Spare me this 😂😂😂
        You do realise it is a writer’s responsibility to make the reader feel it is as real as it can seem, don’t you? I am here, just doing justice to it 😛 peace ? Yet? /\

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      6. God is kind of busy, so may be you can ask him later. 😜

        Yes, I do understand. And I am really glad that you shared your experience. It’s not easy, I know. So, I am with you on this. 😊😜 Btw, delete his messages. Don’t want you hurting your thumb again. 😂😜

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      7. *Sighs* This boy here is not going to let me win the argument.
        Oh , your highness. I shall sincerely follow your instructions and delete ‘his’ messages. I don’t know where the messages are, but I will find them and delete them.
        The nation needs mooooore of the oh so empathetic people like you.
        *Sighs again*
        *looks for messages everywhere*
        *finds none*
        *throws the phone away*

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      8. *Bows back in respect*
        Oh, that great. Good that you are moving on and forgetting what’s making your thumb hurt. 😜
        That’s so kind of you to say. I urge people to be more like me. Thank you.
        *catches the phone*
        *checks the messages*
        *finds all those romantic-cheesy messages*
        *copies the messages for future reference* 😜

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  1. Bows back? Ladies, we have a gentleman here!
    And and and yeah, like hahaha like yeah right!😂
    Romantic cheesy messages, how many times have I dreamt of those.
    You are probably the ‘Mom’ kinds.
    When I look, there’s nothing and when you do, it magically appears?!
    Thaaankyou mommy for helping me solve the mystery of the missing messages.
    *Reads all of the above comments*
    * chokes *
    * rushes to the blog post and hits on delete *
    * kills self *

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  2. There’s a lot you don’t know about me, I guess. 😜 And yes, please spread the message, if Tinder doesn’t work out, at least the people you are spreading it to will respond back.

    They were there, on your phone. There’s no denying that. 🙄🙄

    I know why you didn’t find them. You didn’t want to delete them. I understand. It’s hard to let go off things. But you’ll be alright. Now that I have deleted, I mean copied.

    Momzone! I have reached next level, I guess. 😐 I could have used those cheesy lines back at you, but sigh. 😔

    *feels glad that you still didn’t delete the post* ofcourse, how could you? The pain, the memories, are hard to let go, aren’t they?

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  3. Hhahahahahahahahahahaha *pauses to breathe* hahahahahahhaahhhaahha.
    Loook what I founnnd? Another equally jobless soul on a Sunday evening😂
    Just how weirder can this get!😂
    You are so freaking understanding. You see right through me. After all, who am I kidding! Mommmmmyy.
    You are right. How?Just how can I delete the post, the memories are there hanging on to every cell, for dear life!
    *Dramatic sigh*
    I needed humorous comforting . There, you have done it!😂😂 May god bless your broken single heart abundantly.
    I will be alright soon. Very soon. :’) 😂

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    1. Drink water also. You will get the energy to laugh a little more. 😛

      Umm, It’s not just Sunday. Bring it on anyday, I will be ready. 😛 😉

      Yes, beta. Now, go to your room and clean it. 😛

      Why? Comforting? Oh, those messages? I get it. Thank you, thank you. 😛

      Good. Soon is good. 😛

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      1. Good good. Laughing is good for your health. Keep laughing. 😜

        Awesome, finally. Paying heed to my words after like forever. 😂😜😜

        Weekend is about to end. 😭 No matches yet. 😔 😜

        You have a great Sunday yourself. 😊
        Pizza night?


  4. Hahhahaha that’s sad. Don’t wait for the next weekend then, start match hunting tomorrow only. May the force be with youuu🙌🙌🙌🙌
    Hey thaaaanks! YOU too. On second thoughts, leave tinder! Go walk on the road. Be the smooth stalker. Just don’t get thrown into jail mommyyy. :’)😂
    And nahhhh!That was a random pizza emoticon. It completes sentences!:’)😂

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    1. Yeah, it is. 😦
      I am always on the hunt. But all shots are being missed. 😥
      If only, the force was with me. If only. 😛

      Smooth stalker? :O
      Is that how you came across the guy in your phone. What was his name again? 😛
      Sure beta, I will try my best. 😛

      Pizza is an emotion, and I am not going to disappoint it. I ordered Pizza anyway, so Pizza night for me. 😀

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      1. You are a fighterrrr!😎 \m/
        And talking about stalkers, yes. That was how I met him , my prince charming. His name, uh chocolate pudding. Yes, that is is his name 😍
        And I so so so envy you. Have am awesome Pizza night. The only true love is a 5 letter word..
        P.I.Z.Z.A. 🍕😁

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      2. I am? Huh, *checks for my sword in my sword pocket* Empty.

        That’s a cute nick name you gave him. Sweet. No pun intended. 😛

        Thank you, thank you. I will. It is, isn’t it?
        But ofcourse, for you it is only after your sweet chocolate pudding. 😛

        P.S. Correct me if I am wrong. You are somehow trying to end this (reply-to-each-other) conversation, and I am not letting it. Did I get it right? -_-

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Thank you, 😛

        I think I know how I raised you. Are you talking back to your mom? :O 😛
        Somehow, you made me twice your (or my) age. 😥

        Sure? I will take your word for it. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You are already heart-broken. Won’t ground you, just as yet. Will give you time to recover and then ground you. 😛 *evil laugh*

        We are almost the same age. -_-

        Ok, great. 😀

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      5. 😦 😥 😦 😥

        Ofcourse, ofcourse, I am very generous, most of the time. 😛

        You are not going anywhere, young lady. Not with that chocolate pudding anyway. 😛

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    1. In tangled it’s a witch. I apparently am not. And wait, isn’t this Eugene the same one who broke your heart once and you hurt your thumb? Why go back to him? 😳

      P.S. You are replying to the comment but not in the thread, and hence I am not getting the notifications. I have to come back here to check whether you replied or not. 😐 Hence the long delays in replies.

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      1. Whoooopppss😂😂 see? That’s what keeping Eugene away from me, does to my brains. 😛
        *dramatic inhaling*

        And and and ,isn’t it always like that? You get your heart broken; fix it after multiple attempts and go right back to the very same and give it to him to watch him break it yet again 😛 😂

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      2. Sigh, this thing called love. *shakes head in disagreement*.

        Is that how it works? Seriously? What I know ( from observation, i.e., never had the pleasure of being in love, so ) is that when one gets their heart broken, for certain reason, they learn from it, and make a decision with benefits them and not hurts them. It’s like they say, “A mistake would be to not learn from one”.

        Too philosophical !? 😛

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      3. Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment. 😜
        Sigh, this thing called Love. I will never get the hang of it. 🙄
        But, for some reason, you are thinking you are Rapunzel. 😂 😜 😆

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