So you know how the insta stories work right? You put up a story and keep checking who has viewed your stories. If you put up multiple stories, the person who has viewed all of them till the end, thinks you are awesome, or so we assume, right? Or is it just me? Please don’t bother telling me if it is otherwise. Let me continue basking in self glory.
Umm so I had a petty fight going on with a friend. They weren’t liking my pics, neither were they viewing my stories. And I was wondering, just wondering, very seriously , how it would be if you had insta stories in real life. 
Like every scene/instance/anything at all that runs in your mind, can be viewed by people. A mind story. Not all. Only those who have access. Like a password or something you have in common. It would be awesome in a way, and scary and downright weird in the other.
When you are in love with a person and you are clueless on just how to express it to them, you put up a  ‘mind story’ with you proposing or saying something ridiculously cute, or throwing cheesy pickup lines at them.

‘Hey. I really like slapping the people I love to death and would like to marry and have babies with, on their face.  Can I slap you on the face?’


What after that? Wait for the person to view the mind story ?

What next? You will know if he/she likes you or not in a jiffy and there is no dragging whatsoever. If he likes you, he will probably put up a mind story in response. Damn. I love this.
And oh, the stories can be selective. It can be directed to just one person. Or if it’s a secret, you can ‘Hide story’ from other people.
See someone doing crazy shit. Some one who can totally be your soul sister? Why waste all the time on the tiny tiny steps to the great bonding. Mindstory on. Wink at the person. Have a sleepover the very same day. Duh!
What if there’s a huge fight with someone very close to you and th brick head refuses to listen to you?

Put up a mind story playing what actually happened. The entire instance. Wait for the person to view and then what? Issues resolved. Awesome right?
So you have a mega crush on someone, and you feel they like you back too. You keep viewing their stories to see if you are a part of any of it. Does he think of me? No? Yes? Someone else comes up in the story? Say byebye and move on. No dark secrets or astounding surprises or being miserably friendzoned that way. 
Walk into a store with someone who’s gonna buy stuff for you. Look at something. Put up a minds story on how badly you want it and how much you love it, and tadaan. ‘ That blue slingbag. M dear sling bag. The love of my life. Just where can I find you? I would die without you’

Happiness eh? A lil shameless, but hey who cares!
Just no efforts put in. All you have to do is think and and and stalk other’s thoughts.
But hey you gotta be careful of what you think ofcourse. 
Can’t openly think about how badly you want the last piece of cake at that kid’s birthday party. ‘Please be mine. please be mine. Please be mine. Aaaanddd gone.’
Neither can you think of how much you hate the gift you just got. ‘Ewww. What’s with the pink!’
‘Why’s she sitting so close to me? Ugh. I feel like we are both just one huge person. That’s how close. Move away move away move away. Sigh ‘ when someone sits really close to you!
‘Stop looking at him. He is mine, only I can look at him. No , you cant talk to him. Yes he’s hot but no you can’t.  You just can’t.  Look away. Right. Now’ when someone’s looking at your crush. You do not  want to be the laughing stock do you?
Hide it from all the right people. Do your filtering and you are good.
Damn. Can someone make this happen *mindstory-presents a bungalow , a car and 4 huskey puppies to the person who can make it happen* . 
Is that luring enough?
If the crush is reading this *mindstory-wink wink. Hi. Wink wink. Hello. Wink wink. Will this do?wink wink.bye*


3 thoughts on “MIND STORY ON.

  1. Hahahaha.. well, you’re the girl who puts a lot of stories πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

    And I pretty like them because you’re very funny along with your colleagues. I like seeing it again and again.

    You should not give a fuck to people who dislike it as long as you’re loving what you feel like do. 😊

    All the best Yashi. :”)

    Liked by 1 person

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