I said it?Whoa!

On a luxurious resort vacation:

Sarah was sitting on a bean bag in the balcony at half past twelve, confused, sad and angry, coming up with reasons to hate Kenneth. The rest of the gang was fast asleep, or so she thought.

Kenneth, thirsty, walked down sleepily to the refrigerator, stopping by Sarah’s room on the way. She confused him . Having quenched his thirst, he turned to leave when he found the door to the balcony, open. Freaking out, he walked hesitantly to shut it tight.

He reached out to the door and stopped awkwardly, scratching his head, when he saw her sliding down to the floor from the bean bag. The floor was always comfortable.

She leaned on to the bean bag and gasped when she finally saw him standing. How long had he been here?

“Have you been crying?” he asked her as she slid lower, probably just tryng to disappear under the floor.
“Uh, kind of,yes! This is very annoying, whatever is happening. Very annoying” she half snapped.

“I am not liking it either. I have no clue how to go about this entire thing!” he nodded.

“I have enough shit going on and now, it is really frustrating to “NOT” think of love, I mean, come on! So what if I have had a relationship in the past? He left, he moved on, for God’s sake. Doesn’t really mean I have to keep clinging on to it for the rest of my life, does it? Big deal! I think I have every right to fall in love with whoever the hell I want, right? Been more than 2 years?Ugh, this is frustrating.” Sarah was shouting now.

Kenneth moved closer to her , wrapping his arms around her. “You have every right. Nobody gets to control you” She hugged him back “This is so annoying Ken!”.
“I know. it’s like I know what I want, but I just can’t have it. Feels silly” he sighed.

“It is crazy Ken!Like, you are right here. So close and all. But I freaking don’t even know what’s happening. I get wild when you ignore me or when she leans on you or when you just don’t freaking look my way! IT gets on my nerves but I can’t react.What the hell? I just have to stand there like none of it affects me at all, simply because I wouldn’t dare to let anyone know what I am feeling, because, hey, I am never ever supposed to move on, remember? 2 years! 600 freaking days and it’s still so annoying!I am hating this!” Sarah blinked away her tears as Ken pulled her closer to him.

“730 days! not 600” he said softly.

“”FINE. Is that even the point here? It’s getting too messy Kenneth” Sarah broke down now.

“Calm down. It is even more frustrating here. I have to be all so cautious every time I am around you. I can’t say what I want to, do what I want to and sometimes you are so adorable and I just want to stroke your cheeks. But no! I always have to keep setting limits, drawing lines. He’s gone yes, but they always talk of him. I want to be let loose and tell you things that I want to and not what I am ALLOWED to.” He sighed.

“Why set limits and keep me at bay? I keep telling myself “Don’t fall. Not gonna work” and it gets all the more stronger and I get so mad at you. I was freaking fine. You started with all the staring. Everytime I turn around, you are looking at me , and then you look away.What the hell? You started it!I don’t even know what’s running on your mind with all your stupid confrontations. It sucks to feel so much but not let it out. Screw you” Sarah exclaimed.

“I want to tell you already, all that I feel for you and about how many times I have dreamt of pecking on that lil mole on your nose. Difficult. I mean, you like me? I mean, can I give a peck on the mole? I, yes?” Kenneth Stuttered.

“I like you too, I mean, you like me? Are we good here?” Sarah looked confused.
” I think we are okay. Okay wait, listen! This is me letting myself loose. Here, I am going to go ahead and stroke your cheek because I am not gonna set any limits anymore. I mean, I love you. Pheeww. I said it?Whoa!” Kenneth broke into a sweat, but he was grinning.

Sarah’s jaw dropped and she grinned. “Whoa” she said and pounced on him as he reached out to stroke her cheeks.

“I love you Kennnn” She grinned. Kenneth was going to go for the mole on the nose, but she went on to grab his face and pulled him into a kiss.

And they lived happily every after.



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