Talk about love.

Talk about giving. Valentine’s day is gone, who cares. I ran into this picture only today.

Isn’t it weirdly beautiful? The very feeling of being in love is beautiful.

It is all a beautiful mess.

The entire thing. It is beautiful when you’re happy. It is also beautiful when you are sad .

All that you are willing to do for that one person in your life, your sun , moon and shit.

Willing to do things you never thought you were even capable of doing.

‘Who cares what happens, this is going to put a smile on his/her face, so I am doing it’

‘Who cares what’sinitforme, I need nothing, I just love you’ kinds.

The sense of belonging, your comfort zone, will it be too much if I say, ‘your everything’?

Come on, all of us are/have been cheesy atleast once in our lives.

You know where to run to when you feel like shit. That one person who is never going to judge you no matter what.

Everybody wants a person all for themselves, right? No sharing shit. Just completely theirs. Somebody who would willingly listen to shit like ‘Hey look, I broke a nail!’.

There are multiple definitions to love, falling in love, being loved or whatever. Trust me, don’t stick on to just one of it. You define it, with your lives. Ugh, this post has got me completely. So freaking beautiful. Intense. Beautifully intense.

Falling head over heels, with no freaking idea of ever getting up back on your feet again. Damn.


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