Between hustling to work in the mornings , and back home in the evenings, this is something I have decided to do for myself.

To write.

To write a lot about just anything and everything worth being jotted! :’)

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii you all 🙂 I am Yashaswini, I know, too difficult to spell. Yasha should do.

Been working in a Corporate for the past 1 and a half years and I find everything all monotonous already.

At times like these, this is what is saving me. Blogging. My cup of TEA.

I believe in this :  Nothing brings out what’s in your heart, deep down, as much as writing does.

And hey, Below are the contact details if , you would like to get in touch.

Mail to Yashaswini2327@gmail.com

Yashaswini Balasubramanyam on Facebook.

Yashaswini2795 on Instagram.

Well, that’s about it!